The Mk2 Midge or Roadster. 

This 're-body' or coach-built car is created from a 'donor' car and a set of plans and patterns with an instruction book. The bodywork is formed from plywood and alloy sheet, both readily available. All the instruction you need is provided and any components not readily available such as the windscreen can be sourced through J C Sports Cars. The customer supplies the donor car, some cash and the skills expected of a handy-man. Care and attention are important.

What is it?
I believe that the Midge MK2 is the ONLY special that can currently be built in the UK with a standard MOT test and without recourse to IVA testing and can be built by any competent amateur from plans/templates for just the cost of the donor car and the wood and aluminium used in it's construction. The demonstrator cost around £1500 to build as seen. The weather equipment is on it's way and will be available as a £30 set of patterns, the material cost (Including frames) is under £50 and can be sewn on a domestic machine. The MK2 came into existence because the MK1 Triumph based Midge became impractical, mainly due to the restrictions imposed on me by the regulations, which demanded that I designed a car around a totally unmodified chassis. What I set out to achieve and have achieved is the ability for anyone to remove the body from a car and build a 'Special' (which is how I started in the 60's with those archaic donors the Austin Seven and the ubiquitous Ford 8)....and it is 4WD! 

This Paypal link should allow you to access the Special Offer of £99  (+ £10.99 p&p) to get your Mk2 Midge Roadster Plans.  If in doubt, about windscreens for example you can contact JC SportsCars directly using the phone number at the top of this page.

What do you have to do?

First you are going to need a set of plans and a donor vehicle. i.e. a Suzuki SJ410, SJ413, or  SJ413 Samurai. The complete Build Manual is on CD  and is included with the plan sheets and is also available separately for £10 to give you an idea of what you'll need to buy, acquire and do to achieve a car that will be the envy of your friends and not break the bank. You should also consider whether you want the plans for a folding roof and side screens.

As no alterations are  made to the chassis it does not require an IVA examination. It will of course still have to pass the annual MOT test like any other car in the UK made later than 1962. The better the quality of the donor car the shorter the MOT advisory list, like track-rod ends, wheel bearings, exhaust pipes etc.

What JC Spots Cars provides is information in the form of a CD build manual, Paper templates, and plans. They will save you a considerable amount of guesswork and toil. The design is adjustable but it might be worth remembering that it was designed by an engineer and he can't be held responsible if you don't follow the instructions, apply common sense and stick to the 200 page build manual (which is why we don't print it). Each page consists of at least two large clear colour photographs of each stage of the build. The accompanying text on each page is bold clear and easy to read, You may choose to view the Build manual on screen or print each section off as needed in the workshop. There are well defined sections on each stage of the build to make things simple.

Not sure yet? The build manual CD is only £10. Fully refundable if you buy the full package.

What to buy and how much to pay, how to pay it and can you get a discount?

    The 19 full size (AO+) plan sheets plus manual and full information are currently on special offer at  £99   and, to prevent creasing, come rolled in a 3ft long cardboard box (paper templates are bulky)  P&P is  £10.99
You can have a look at the process and work needed for £10 which gets you a CD build manual (without the paper templates) The £10 is refundable against the full package price.​

HOW TO PAY. There are a couple of links below which use Pay-Pal. If you don't use Pay-Pal then you could call John and send him a cheque.

OTHER EXPENSES.The car you have seen cost (including the £500 donor car), around £1500 to construct over the build period. So it's not exactly expensive!
(Obviously John didn't have to buy a build plan),
You may later want plans for the soft roof (£30)  and to purchase a windscreen frame. 
The pre- formed windscreen frame is available as a separate item for £50 and includes the bottom rail and seal strip. The customer has laminated glass fitted locally at any windscreen outlet for around £45. You'll need one if you want to put a roof on it, but some people just use Brooklands racing screens.

Simplified working drawings are supplied to allow you to make your own fabricated items such as wing stays, headlamp brackets etc., or we can supply these items ready to fit - including a windscreen frame that can be glazed with safety glass by any local  windscreen company.
 The radiator grille is from a black cab ( London Style Taxi) and can be found new or secondhand on eBay or from breakers. All the period style head lights and side lights and indicators (eBay)  only cost around £100 in total! 


On £99? You are going to have to come up with a really smart reason. 


​​Absolutely! At their request, a full set of plans was supplied to DVLA for their approval, and is held on file.   However, it is important to follow the guidelines  that we supply  to ensure that the registration is completed smoothly. 
Our paperwork  includes a sample copy of the correct application form and all the relevant information on submitting the documentation to DVLA at the end of the build. 


​If you are not sure (or have questions about the Mk2) John's Phone number is at the top. Maybe you should talk to him.

In these video clips you can see the first production model of the Roadster. Made and designed by John Cowperthwaite.

 It is based on a Suzuki SJ.  You can build the Midge Roadster on any Suzuki SJ model. Namely the SJ410, SJ413, and SJ413 Samurai, of any year of manufacture. The other Suzuki types including the Vitara are not suitable as a donor car.​​

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