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Responses to the EKO

Dear John

I have been very excited since I saw the video of the EKO Safety Racer you sent my dad.
I was wandering if you have nearly finished the instructions?

Charlie age 7
I have followed one or two Lightning Racer build threads on the internet and had been considering building of one of those - my youngest son is 13 months and will be ready for electric propulsion first rather than petrol - but I absolutely fell for EKO when I saw the picture of the mule. I'm familiar with ATCO, Vanguard et al, so it seems like destiny at work!
Dear John,
As a prospective builder, I would welcome news or developments on the forthcoming EKO - could you enlighten me as to a potential release date for plans? Itching is not the word!
All best wishes,
Ben Rodway.
I did receive the mails - and the video, looks fantastic! - and understand how much work goes into developing an idea such as yours (I used to write tech features for Practical Classics magazine), so am amazed that you are able to sell the plan for such a low price.

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John Responded.....
The plans are now completed and they are £33 because believe me there is a lot of stuff. All to make it easy for the builder.

4 x 6ft long sheets of full size cutting patterns for the plywood floor, front bulkhead, rear bulkhead, dash panel and side panels,

24 A4 assembly drawings 4 A3  working drawings and a 79 page full colour build manual.
Best regards



Hi John, greetings from New Zealand. Our wee Lightning car is still getting much use, thanks. I'm just checking if there is any update on the availability of the plans for the petrol powered car? (Is it the EKO safety racer)

My other grandson, he is 9, seems to think he has been missed out.

Blessings, David.