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    This is the Zoom. Like the Lightning it is a plan and pattern 'build it yourself' child's toy car driven by a cordless electric drill.

   The design has no need of a separate body shell and allows the customer to assemble the complete body from pieces of MDF or plywood simply cut to shape using the paper patterns supplied. 

 Zoom plans / patterns and instructions cost £20

    Incidentally using your old cordless drill to make this, and then using said drill to power it gives you the perfect excuse to buy a newer, better and rather more expensive one to replace it. Just don't tell the little driver, otherwise sooner or later you'll be asked for an engine upgrade. 

    The Zoom, like the Lightning is designed to be a children's toy 'car'. For use in supervised gardens and parks where legal. Not on roads or pavements and well away from traffic. Just as with a young child on a bicycle, skate-board, roller-skates etc.

   Any powered car like toy should help the child to learn about steering, obstructions, co-ordination, co-operation, spatial awareness, concern for others and how dogs can't help biting tyres. 

The Zoom