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The Lightning.

Plan and Pattern.

The Zoom.

Plan and Pattern.

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 EKO 'Safety Racer'.

Plan and Pattern.


  These are the 'Plan and Pattern' children's cars.

  The EKO Safety Racer, the ZOOM and the LIGHTNING  

  What is a 'Plan and Pattern'?

     Rather than a 'kit' from which you build a car or toy this  is an instruction package with templates, diagrams and  instructions, basically information. The builder locates and  buys his own materials.

    Some materials can be bought from Lightning Cars which  makes life easier.  You don't have to, but it saves having to  trawl the internet and hardware stores. Click on the pictures  for more information.​

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While Lightning cars provide plans and patterns it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the construction is safe and stable, that sharp or rough edges are minimised and that the toy is used in a safe environment. These toys are not road going cars and must be kept away from traffic. Just like a bicycle or skateboard they can, if not prevented, roll into danger.