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John Cowperthwaite has developed a series of road-going cars based on donor chassis and running gear. Click for a short history.​​​

JC Sports Cars Mk2

Midge Roadster Plans and Pattern

jc midge mk1



Midge Roadster, a hand built body on a Suzuki chassis.

 Mk2 Midge Roadster plans. ​The only plan and pattern car on the market. Rebody a Suzuki SJ at minimum cost. Starting at £99 +p&p.  IVA immune!

Not sure yet?  You can purchase the CD build manual for just  £10, refundable against the full £99 package.

  John (JC) also runs Lightning Cars and provides instruction on how to make battery driven children's cars from readily available materials. Click the button for more about them.

 JC Sports Cars enable clients to re-body a donor car with plans, instruction manuals, and templates The car can be hand built, with ordinary DIY skills and commonly available materials with a few specially made parts if required.

 No exotic equipment or special tools required.

Just a donor car and the kind of tools you'd find in most DIY garages.

 The model currently available is the JC Midge Roadster which, based on a Suzuki SJ retains that identity.

 The power train and running gear, i.e. engine, gearbox, axles brakes and steering generally come from the one donor, as does wiring, instrumentation and controls. As a result the vehicle can be classified as 're-bodied', being largely the original vehicle.

jc midge mk2 roadster