Introducing the-

              EKO ‘Safety Racer'

 You’ve never seen anything like this! 

 This amazing and exciting Children’s car is the latest  design from John Cowpetwaite who has been designing road going kit built sports cars and children's powered kit cars since 1981

 The EKO Safety racer is a self build project using readily available materials and components.

It is powered by a 49cc engine with electric start!

 It is intended for for kids over five and up to 10 years and depending on the size

 of the driver it can also accommodate a passenger.

  The floor is plywood, the body is simply cut from 2 compost bins and the mudguards from a water butt!
   All the styling features are already inherent in the design of the Compost bins. All you have to do is use the patterns and cut them to fit around the wooden floor.
  The construction plans, cutting templates and build manual package is £18 plus £4.20 UK recorded delivery post.

   A full parts list comes with the instructions. The 49cc engine (£90) with electric start is purchased direct from our dedicated supplier, who can also supply all related accessories such as drive sprocket, brake discs,fuel tank etc at nominal prices. The instructions show you were to buy any other parts on line or how to make simple parts yourself from off- cuts of steel angle and tube or to purchase  them direct from our optional price list.

 We also supply suitable wheels and brake hub assemblies.

 You need;
 A sheet of plywood for he floor and bulkhead (Use the templates to cut them out)
 Two ‘Wilco’ Compost bins

(For the front and rear body sections)

 1 Wilco Water butt (For the 4 mudguards)

Why EKO?

 It is an’Echo’ of the 1950’s track cars like the BRM and Vanwall.
          Built in Safety features;
 Disc brakes
 Adjustable throttle stop
 Locking park brake
 Electric start
 External fuel filler,
 Enclosed battery
 Latching engine cover
 Geared steering

 Simple construction using one sheet of plywood for the floor, 2 pre-styled compost bins to form the body and four mudguards cut from a water butt using templates.

 All these heavy duty plastic parts can be painted using plastic primer. There will shortly be an up to date video showing the car painted silver with a matching red bonnet stripe and carrying 2 children.
 Your build pack contains;
 Full size cutting patterns with overwritten instruction and fixing detail
 Comprehensive build manual with step by step instructions large colour photos and drawings of each stage of assembly.
 List of parts needed to complete.

 All parts are readily available. Find your own online or select from our parts list.

 The EKO Build manual, Templates, patterns and instruction package is  £25 including recorded delivery (UK)

Plans and patterns.
 £25 inc UK p&p

 Bargain offer. £195 +

 £15 p&p)

More information

on the parts page


 This photograph  shows the unaltered  compost  bins  and indicates the  simplicity of their use 

 before the rear  grilles  are cut out  and mesh fitted.

  Plans and pattern now available for £25 inc p&p

   EKO can be powered by a readily available 49cc mini moto engine complete with electric start and throttle limiter, or as an alternative option, can be battery powered with a powerful 36v Quad motor and speed control.
   The EKO has geared steering and disc brakes plus a cable operated handbrake.
The car's styling is designed to be an  'Echo' of the 50's era of track cars, such as Vanwall and BRM.

   The EKO 'Safety Racer'. A plan and pattern car for children, depending on their size up to about 10 years.
  The car is assembled from parts using plan sheets and cutting templates.

  The  build manual and pattern pack costs £25.oo including UK recorded delivery postage..

The EKO 'Safety Racer'.                        Shown below at 'Mock-up' stage.

    A plan and pattern car for children, depending on their size up to about 10 years. The plans cost £25 including UK postage.  The idea behind the bargain package is that you can source the parts you'll need locally where ever you live (within reason) However, if you live in the middle of the Namibian desert or similar, you might want to use the bargain Package with all the fiddly bits, nuts, bolts etc. It will save you hours finding the right shelf at your local hardware  shop or even the hardware shop itself.                               ( If you are in the Namibian desert you might want to modify the design, ask John. Postage might be higher too.)

Lightning Cars

EKO 'Safety Racer'.

Plan and Pattern.​​

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 You can buy the plans for £25 and think about it... and then, after due consideration, buy the parts as you wish. Buying the parts from us will save you a deal of looking, shopping and general strife, but you may want  to buy  some and self source others. The blue button links to the parts page so you can see what is available and the cost.




A spot of history

     There have been many models of children's cars. This one was the 1930's ATCO 'safety car' which inspired John to design the EKO 'Safety Racer'.

     Intended to teach school children the rudiments of driving in preparation for the recently introduced Driving Test, the ATCO car was Petrol driven, and specially constructed on it's own chassis. Motive power was supplied by a governed 150cc ATCO motor mower engine.

Rather a lot of sharp edges in those days.