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This is the most popular current model, called the Lightning it is driven by a cordless electric drill. More fun than a box of puppies.

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JC Sports Cars Mk2 Midge Roadster, a history and other products.

This is an alternative children's car called the Zoom. It is also powered by any cordless drill. The design has no need of a separate body shell and allows the customer to assemble the complete body from pieces of MDF or plywood simply cut to shape using the paper patterns supplied. 

 Zoom plans / patterns and

instructions cost £20

     The Husky, above, was also a ‘JC’ plans and patterns build. It was first produced by a spin-off company, RLT Developments  in 1991  and later by White Rose Vehicles in Kent who constructed and sold many finished was based on a ‘home spun’ Ford chassis designed to take Ford Escort running gear and was usually powered by the ubiquitous 2 litre Ford Pinto engine.
     Many finished cars were built and around 100 plans were sold for home construction.

Previous developments


John Cowperthwaite is the development team, although every JC car builder  is likely to adjust the design to a lesser or greater extent reflecting their own way of doing things, so they must take equal credit and blame. His wife cannot be blamed for any shortcomings, but is given credit for considerable assistance, patience, and fortitude.

The original Mk1 Midge  was produced in 1985. It was based on the Triumph Herald or Spitfire chassis and about 300 plans were sold. Exactly how many finished cars were built is unknown. LVL 669J was the prototype and first built to the pattern.  These cars have  been built all over the world and have now achieved a classic status in their own right

The  Zoom​​

John Cowperthwaite has developed a series of road going car designs for re-bodying cars using 'donor' chassis, engine, running gear, and electrics The bodies are hand made by the customer using ply, alloy sheet and a few components such as the windscreen, radiator grille, and mudguards where ordinary DIY skills would be challenged. John has been responsible for the following models first for his own amusement, later as Moss Motors. A devastating fire put Moss Motors out of business and now John, as JC Sports Cars, rises from the ashes. There is no plan for a model called the Phoenix as yet

​John has also produced plans and instructions for children's cars, under the company 'Lightning Cars' of which the latest, 'Lightning', seen on the home page, is powered by an electric cordless drill. Sadly, although bona-fide electric vehicles are not designed for the public road and so are not a clever way around the  London Low Emission Zone.

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